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How to pick the perfect panel for your pool.

Hints and tips. Get a quote.

What kind of pool are you building?

Pools come in many shapes and sizes.

AAT Acrylics custom-makes every pool window:

  • Cute plunge pools
  • Luxurious spas
  • Standard and premium residential
  • Large and innovate commercial pools and projects
Panel shapes

Pool window panel shapes

The majority of swimming pool windows are supported on either three sides (one horizontal rebate pus two vertical rebates) or all four sides (two horizontal plus two vertical rebates).

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window

  • Ideal as end-panels, especially when facing a view.
  • Popular choice on canal-side properties.
  • Perfect for cantilevered pools.
  • Set in rebates on three sides
  • Water level can sit below the top or select a “wet edge” for infinity pools.

Supported On 3-Sides “L-Shaped” Window

  • Two panels chemically bonded at the corner
  • Also known as an “L-Shaped” window.
  • Set in rebates on three sides.
  • Water level can sit below the top or select a “wet edge” for infinity pools.

Supported On 3-Sides “U-Shaped” Window

  • Three panels chemically bonded at two corners.
  • A spectacular design for premium properties.
  • Set in rebates on three sides.
  • Water level can sit below the top or select a “wet edge” for infinity pools

Supported On 4-Sides Window

  • A popular choice for windows to interior spaces such as adjacent lounge or entertainment areas.
  • Four sided rebate provide extra strength for very large panels.

“Edge-Panels” and “Floor Panels”

  • Edge panels are simple shallow 3-sided panels for a fabulous finishing touch.
  • Flour panels are fabulous for cantilevered pools or they can be uised to create underwater skylights for rooms and spaces beneath the pool.

Curved (concave) panels

  • Not all swimming pools are square or rectangular!
  • Acrylic can be shaped to create small or very large curved sections.
  • Options for 3 or 4-sided rebates.

Handy hints and FAQs

The following information may prove useful when it comes time to get a quotation. Feel free to call us on 07 5441 3302 if you need help gathering the information needed to obtain a quotation.

The “viewing area” is the part of the acrylic panel that can be seen. The panel is bigger than the viewing area, because some of the acrylic is goes into the rebates around the outside of the windows.

Acrylic Window Supported on 3 Sides

Edges And Measurements

Acrylic Window Supported on 4 Sides

Edges And Measurements2

The top of the viewing area is above the water in some cases, and below the water in other cases.

For “dry-edge” panels, with the top of the panel above the waterline, simply measure from the waterline to the top of the panel.

For submerged panels, measure from the waterline to the highest point of the viewing area.

Edges And Measurements6

To specify an appropriate panel for your pool, we’ll need to know the depth of water it is in.

Measure from the water surface to the lowest point of the panel.

Edges And Measurements3

If the water level is below the top edge of the acrylic, then we call it a dry-edge panel. Some pools have an infinity edge with water rises right to the top and flowing over the acrylic. We call this a wet-edge panel.

Edges And Measurements4
Edges And Measurements5

The wet side of the panel faces inwards and touches the water, and the dry-side of the panel faces outwards towards the air.

The pressure on the panel from the water is on the wet side.

Edges And Measurements7

Some construction companies, pool builders and acrylic installers may undertake their own acrylic-specification calculations, in which case they supply us with detailed panel dimensions, including thickness.

Alternatively, we calculate the recommended thickness based on the other information that you have supplied such as the size of the viewing area, the distance between the water level and the top of the viewing area and the number of rebates that will support the panel.

When we provide thickness recommendations, it is normally in two steps.

  • The first step is to establish an estimated budget, for approval, and then a more detailed analysis to confirm the initial calculations.
  • The second stage may involve adjustments to the recommended thickness.
Aat Acrylics Top Edge (1)
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Request a quotation

Just call 07 5441 3302 for a no-obligation discussion or submit the online enquiry form below.

See FAQ’s above to assist you.

  • How many acrylic windows you need?
  • For each acrylic window:
    • Is the acrylic window flat or curved?
    • Is the acrylic window square, rectangular, round or another shape?
    • Will the pool window be vertical (such as on the side wall) or horizontal (such as on the floor of the pool)?
    • Is the pool window supported on 3 sides (3 rebates) or 4-sides (4 rebates)?
    • For vertical 3-side supported panels, is the top-edge wet or dry?
    • What is the width of the viewing area in mm? (ie., not including the rebate)
    • What is the height of the viewing area in mm? (ie., not including the rebate)
    • What is the depth of the water to the bottom of the windowsill?
    • Does it have corners, such as a one-corner L-Shape (made from 2 panels) or a 2-corner U shape (made from 3 panels)? For L-Shaped and U-Shaped panels, consider the dimensions of each section that will be joined together.
  • Do you need supply only or installation too?
    • If supply only, are you supplying the required thickness specifications too?