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PLEXIGLAS®. So clear and strong, it is safe for use in aquariums.

If it’s clear and strong enough for aquariums, it’s clear and strong enough for a swimming pool or spa.

The original acrylic

Strength. Clarity. Durability.

More than a brand name, PLEXIGLAS® is trusted to withstand the pressure of millions of litres of water in major public aquariums, where clarity, strength and durability are vital.

AAT Acrylics makes PLEXIGLAS® using unique European manufacturing techniques licensed from Röhm GmbH of Germany, whose namesake Otto Rohm pioneered acrylic manufacturing and registered the brand in 1933.

PLEXIGLASS® today is one of the world’ best known acrylics and is marketed in the USA as ACRYLITE®Read more about PLEXIGLASS® how came to be.

The clarity, strength and durability of PLEXIGLAS® make it ideal for the ultimate underwater tunnels used to create exciting visitor experiences in world-leading aquariums.

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Naturally UV stable.

Made entirely from strong, UV-stable molecules, PLEXIGLAS® provides superb resistance to yellowing, discoloration and other changes in physical properties when exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight.


Excellent light transmission and brilliant clarity.

Light hitting PLEXIGLAS® at 90 degrees retains 90% of its spectral transmittance, for extra sparkle in your pool and crystal-clear views from both sides.

Beyond it’s tremendous strength, providing unhindered and undistorted views is main reason why aquariums choose PLEXIGLAS® for their windows, tunnels and cylindrical tanks.

Tough and resilient.

PLEXIGLAS® has 11 x times the impact strength of glass and high surface hardness for resistance to abrasion and scratches.

Capable of resisting several tonnes of water-pressure, PLEXIGLAS® windows, tunnels, domes and cylinders hold back millions of litres of water in aquariums around the world.


Easy to clean.

Finished PLEXIGLAS® windows are perfectly smooth and shiny, which makes it difficult for dirt to stick to the surface.

Care and maintenance is easy – more often than not a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge and some water is all that’s needed.

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High weather resistance.

PLEXIGLAS® has been tested all over the world and is robust enough to handle the heat, wind and rain experienced in Australia’s harsh climate.


Half the weight of glass.

For easier installation, reduced structural loading and simpler engineering.

Workability and adaptability.

Can be formed into curved panels, cylinders, tunnels, domes and portholes.

Cut to size or shape or bond to create mullion-free corners, huge windows and ultra-strong floors.

Energy efficiency

Better insulation.

PLEXIGLAS® has a lower thermal conductivity to laminated glass, which helps prevent heat loss in heated pools.

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