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Flexible engagement options to meet the needs of different customers.

Bespoke Manufacturing | Shaping, Bonding & Fabrication | Installations | Repairs & Refurbishments |  

Australian-warehouse and fabrication.

Make & Deliver Service

Ideal for professional glaziers specializing in acrylic installation, resellers in the acrylic supply chain or OEM’s:

  • Secure your PLEXIGLAS® supply from our Australian stock-on-hand.
  • Bespoke sizes and designs typically cut and fabricated in Australia.
  • Australian-based customer service and support.
  • Unsurpassed shipping and logistics experience with heavy, difficult-to-handle loads.
  • Competitive prices.

Installation & Sealing Service

Ideal for commercial and residential general contractors, construction-site project managers, pool-builders, property developers and owners:

Everything in our Make and Deliver Service plus…

  • Skilled on-site installation service including waterproofing and sealing services as required.
  • AAT Acrylics is owned and operated by Advanced Aquarium Technologies, which installs, waterproofs and seals massive (world-record-holding) aquatic windows in famous public aquariums around the world.


Repair and Renovation Service

Ideal for refurbishment projects:

  • Upgrade poor quality, aging, discoloured, neglected or damaged acrylic with pristine PLEXIGLAS® pool windows.
  • Repairs following storm damage.
  • Explore the potential to polish-out abrasions and scratches on inferior quality acrylic (this is not always possible or cost-effective, but we’re happy to discuss).
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Stock-on-hand in Australia

Our warehouse and value-added manufacturing centre in Queensland receives regular shipments from our global production plant, for earlier delivery to Australian customers. Panels are bonded and thermoformed in Australia or at the point of manufacture depending on each-project’s unique specifications.


Taller. Wider. Thicker. Joined.

  • Our ‘base panels’ are 30mm to 120 mm wide and over 3 x 9 meters in width/length.
  • Standard swimming pools windows are typically custom-cut from these panels and superbly polished.
  • For larger spans and deeper windows we build thickness and strength using a process called Multi-Layer Polymerisation (MLP). Layers are bonded by a polymer practically identical to the parent panel, resulting in a single seamless structure.
  • Depending on the project and circumstances, we make even longer and wider windows using the MLP technique or adhesive compounds that are tried, tested and proven reliable.
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Curves. Circles. Tunnels. Domes.

Heated to just the right temperature, at just the right pace, for just the right time, PLEXIGLAS® becomes a versatile material to work with.

We ‘blow’ and polish domes from head-sized to room-sized for spectacular underwater ceilings, fun windows and innovative viewing portholes.


UV-Stability. Strength. Durability.

  • During annealing, acrylic panels are slowly and uniformly heated and cooled to pre-set temperatures at just the right pace.
  • Annealing consumes rest monomer, relieves internal stresses, and cross-links the internal structure for a higher-quality product with tremendous strength and higher UV resistance to protect against discoloration.
  • Individual, multi-layered subsections undergo annealing at their place of manufacture in large ovens.
  • Depending on the application and specifications, a second round of annealing may be required to strengthen the bonds on panels that are joined together.
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Also appreciated by swim-loving tigers.

AAT Acrylics manufactured, supplied and installed a 12-meter long curved acrylic panel at weighing 1.7 tonnes in a swimming pool for tigers at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island on the Gold Coast. (Learn more about the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation here.)

Not too thick, not too thin

Customised design & data

We provide preliminary thickness recommendations to help develop a quotation and then, once approved and if needed, we develop more detailed Finite Element Analysis to ensure that each panel is specified to handle the pressure it will experience in your pool.

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